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Shading/Sponge Brush

Sunscreen / ombre nail polish sponge

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Easier and more uniform dust and flakes application and easier gradients for gradients. It's a perfect tool for Ombre and Baby Boomer techniques, applying and rubbing powders and flakes, for easy application of Airbrush technology. 

  • Two-End Sponge Applicator with Interchangeable Heads and Shaft with Tiny Crystals
  • Exclusive Crystalline Design
  • Extra Heads Available - Interchangeable

We recommend acrylic paints, Delux Gel, pigmented lacquer gels, Mega White powder, Chromium Powder, Chameleon Flakes, Shade, Ombre and Baby For Bommer Techniques.

When applying powders and flakes, apply small tapping movements. 

  1. Effect Powder Application, Rubbing
  2. Acrylic Paint, Delux, Highly Pigmented Lacquer, Airbrush Effect
  3. Ombre Baby Boomer Supplement with Acrylic Paints, (Delux), with highly pigmented lacquer, with a thin white gel
  4. Chromium Powder Rubbing
  5. Chamomile Flakes, Chameleon Chameleon Flakes and Applying Cleaning: Aroma Cleaner, Gel Cleaner or Brush Cleaner is recommended for cleaning heads. After using and cleaning the brush, it is recommended to store it horizontally and wait for full drying before use.