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Nail Pool

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An innovative Acrygel technique and system that combines the advantages of gel and acryl nail building, while avoiding the use of odorous liquid and activator products!

A gel base provides flexibility, while an acryl layer ensures a firm and secure support for the nails.

An ergonomic nail dipping bowl saves you time and energy, and the clients will be fully satis ed with the spectacular result.

Thanks to the rail provided for the finger, the whole nail can be dipped in the powder simply and smoothly. The special design allows creating French ends in an extremely fast way. Any coloured nail, tip or nail bed extension can be created using colour porcelain powder.


  1. Remove the cover of the bowl. 
  2. Pour in the acryl powder up to the point indicated by a straight line. 
  3. To even surface, gently smooth the powder. 
  4. Apply on the nails special nail strengthening gel (Hardener Gel, Elastic Hard) as prescribed. Do not cure. 
  5. Place the finger in the support provided for the hand. 
  6. Slowly push forward the bowl in order to create the whole nail or the smile-line. 
  7. Once ready, pull the nail out, shake o the excess powder, then cure in UV/LED lamp.