Hardener Gel - Irish Perfect Nails
Hardener Gel - Irish Perfect Nails

Hardener Gel

Flexible and bendable nail hardening base gel with vitamins

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No more weak and chipped nails!

Medium thick, soluble, hardens the nails, contains vitamins. Extra flexible and bendable, providing maximum coverage even upon movement of the natural nails. 

 The result: stronger, more durable nails. The product helps the natural nails grow longer, preventing nail biting, chipping and cracking. It evens out uneven nail surfaces.

Product functions:

  • Lacgel base: Forms a strong, flexible and bendable layer.
  • Hardens and nourishes the nails: Hardens the natural nails to protect them from impact and damage. Extreme flexibility and bendability to conform to the movement of the natural nails. Nourishes the nails with vitamins.
  • Smoothens the nails: The product smoothens out the surface of problematic nails (e.g. koilonychia) by curing to an even surface.
  • Corrects nail shape: suitable for the correction of minor nail chipping, cracking and torn nail corners
  • Nail extension: Only minimal extension on nail guide, as its exibility only allows for a minimal support.

Product benefits:

  • Contains vitamins
  • Extra exible, conforms to the nail surface perfectly
  • Soluble

Cure time: 2-3 minutes with UV lamps, 30-60 sec. with UV/LED