Treasure Island Nail Art - Blue

Treasure Island Nail Art - Blue

Perfect Nails Ireland

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Treasure Island Strass stones, filigree metal decorations, metal frames and scatter beads are a special blend for extravagant and solid decorations.

Use: Fix the stones on the surface of the nail with Glue Gel. Extremely complemented with 3D ornaments made of Plastilin Gel or porcelain, frames and filigree metal decorations can be used with Liquid Stone Gel in combination with liquid stone technology.

If you decorate the ornaments on a matt surface, be careful not to wrap them with a glitter strip.

The decorative elements can be installed in artificial nails, be careful to get them under C-arc. Metal decorations can be coated with Nail Art Top Gel, so any protruding parts will not be disturbing.