Liquid Stone Gel - Silver

Liquid Stone Gel - Silver

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Jewelry-like and unique semi-precious decorations in minutes! 

Medium dense, hyper-shining decorative gel that is specially designed for the use of liquid stone techniques for the production of 3D nail decorations with semi-precious stones.

Combine with Liquid Stone Frames - miniature metal frames - to create unique jewels. Also suitable for covering the entire nail surface. 


  1. On the nail surface, make a frame from Delux gel, or apply a frame to the Liquid Stone Frame stickers with one or two drops of Glue Gel. In both cases, tie the material up.
  2. Fill the frame with the Liquid Stone Gel by brush, making the shape and height you like.
  3. Get UV: 120 sec, LED: 60 sec.
  4. If necessary, add another serving of jelly to the surface.
  5. Get it completely and fix it. There is no need to cover with lighter gel.


Perfect tip:

Use a Glue Gel to bond the metal frame. To make frames, we recommend our Delux gels!

Higher, larger stones require more lightening! To make sure that the material is completely curved, form larger, more than 1 mm thick liquid stones in several steps!

Removal of the metal frame: Glue Gel is loosened after 5-6 minutes of acetone soaking, the frame can easily be removed.

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